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Hi Sherry.
I agree re est of wt and so forth. I don’t like the tapes. If I had more money I’d invest in a proper scale. For now I use the usual tape as well as the formula. Interestingly last year when everyone got measured, I had two that were a bit over with the formula compared to tape and two a bit under. 

Thanks so much for the link to the body scores. One of the better ones I have seen. I have had questions about that too. 
Does the same body scoring scale apply to metabolics? Eventually I will start a case file on my metabolic Morgan. She has so many of the usual markers. Giant fat pad on the rump that never goes away …. Neck used to be quite cresty but better now. In her case I do have trouble understanding her body condition. You can clearly see her ribs ..
 yet on there are days she looks over wt… even with ribs showing.

Sorry if you already answered and I did not see or understand, but can you tell me why you expect Sparkles to be no more 300 max 330. … Is that what you would expect to see for actual wt of a 10.1 pony in general? I feel a lot of the charts out there are very general. Do you have links to better info on wt? 

when we weigh her again tomorrow, Iwill do the standard tape and the formula. 

thanks again.


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