Timothy Cubes


Hi Carol!

I will certainly take you up on borrowing a bag or 2.  My minis are 300# and 310# so I figure I will use 6 pounds a day.  My order is due in a week from Tuesday (5/9 8 bags) so I can return the bags then.  I can swing by your place anytime at your convenience!  I’m a farm wife now so my schedule is open.   I’m not in Miamisburg anymore.  We bought a farm in Arcanum in 2016.  You were such a huge help years ago.  I had to let my Sascha go in June 2013.  I was inactive in the WCIR group until this latest crash with my minis.  I’ve got J Herb, Liquid Vit E & molasses flavor ordered from Ueckle.  I haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation yet so I might just drive up and get it to alleviate the stress I have caused myself and my minis.  I forgot to order my sample bags from EA on Friday so I’ve got to do that tomorrow.  X-rays and insulin/ glucose are on Friday.  Do I test Thyroid and Leptin or just Leptin?

Im going to a hoof clinic in June because I simply cannot find a decent, consistent farrier so I will be doing them myself.  

I hate being at square 1 again but so grateful for your help.  Let me know when it’s convenient to pick up a bag or 2 of cubes!  By the end of the week I should only be worrying about the trim.

Kristie Brand  2010
Arcanum, Ohio

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