Lavinia - Requesting New markups for Pilgrim

Suzanne and Pilgrim

Hi Lavinia,

I hope all the photos are clear and show what you are requiring. Pilgrim’s last trim was on Monday, April 18. 

All the photos (other than sole) we’re taken on April 27. 

The sole photos were taken on May 3 - May 4

So I have several questions. 

1). With these new markups, should the changes be made over the next 2 trims or all at once?

2). In your opinion, when should I schedule my next farrier appointment?

  3). We were doing 3 weeks. Should we stick with that schedule?  Or 4 week intervals till we have the changes you recommend?

4). Once we reach the goal of desired trim, how often should Pilgrim see the farrier?

Thank you in advance for your help  

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