Re: Laminitis, ppid and ir

Sherry Morse

Hi Mary,
The fastest way for us to be able to assist you is for you to create a folder on the CH group (which I see you've already joined) and post whatever you have in your CH now in that folder.  You can always update it as you go but we can't help you without knowing more details.  At this point it would also be very helpful if you could create a photo album in the CH subgroup and post pictures of Eli's x-rays and current trim in there.  Directions on the pictures we need can be found in the Wiki here:  
Given Eli's elevated ACTH and the fact that is insulin is in the danger zone for laminitis I would recommend you up his dose of Prascend to at least 1.5mg ONCE a day and plan on retesting in 3 weeks.  Elevated ACTH can drive up insulin in some horses but that's just one piece of the puzzle.  Whatever Eli weighs now, if it's not his ideal weight he should be eating 1.5% of current weight or 2% of ideal weight daily (that includes all hay and a minimal amount of carrier to get supplements in).  If you don't know what his ideal weight we have information in the Wiki that can help you determine that:  






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