Re: Laminitis, ppid and ir

Sherry Morse

Hi Mary,

2 things - one is that I have no idea why I wrote 1.5mg twice a day when I meant one but the other more important one is that we have many, many horses whose owners are members of this group who are on doses of Prascend much higher than 1mg a day.  Your vet sounds like she's going by what BI puts on the package insert and she is most definitely wrong about horses with PPID not getting laminitis because of it.  You will have to remember that you are the one advocating for Eli and your goal should be that he's pain free and living his best life.  The key to doing that is getting his ACTH and insulin levels down and the way to do that is diet control and medication.

Again, my apologies for any confusion on the dosing!

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