Re: Laminitis, ppid and ir


Hi Dr. Kellon,

Thank you for responding!

 I’m kind of thinking that they’ll say no to a request for the Metformin.  I really pushed for a higher dose of the Pergolide and they still said no.  Maybe they’re afraid of the side effects of it.  But I don’t think that the side effects could be much worse than what’s going on now.  I’ll ask though.  

The vets had suggested the Heiro and the Insulin Wise. I looked at the threads on those, however I’m need something that really works.  I’ve been out at the barn a lot cold hosing his feet and soaking beet pulp and hay, etc. trying to control it. I just can’t do that long term.

I’ll try again with the case history tonight.  I’m just having problems - not much of a computer person perhaps. I did order the Triple crown balance cube naturals (just in case there’s something in the hay setting things off) . And I told the barn owner no grain (even though he was only getting a handful to give with the Prascend).  Are the Beet Pulp pellets (or Timothy pellets ok to use instead for the Prascend?

I’m going to increase the Pergolide.  

Thank you!
Mary E in Wi 2021

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