Re: Laminitis, ppid and ir

Sherry Morse

Hi Mary,

You did a good job with the folder and the file and you're correct, you did have it in the example folder.  It's now at the main level so you can add the link:

To your signature. How to do that:

1) Go to this link to amend your auto-signature:

2) Look at the bottom of that page for the window where you typed your information already

3) Paste the link to the main folder that I've included here right below your signature info.  You may need to add a space after the link or click enter on the keyboard to make the link 'live' (turn it blue)

4) IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE!

As far as your document - I'm not sure why (I don't use an Apple device) but your whole first 'intro' page which would tell us your information as well as Eli's (date of birth, breed, height, current weight) is missing.  Hopefully one of our Apple using moderators can help with that.

If you happen to know when he started on Prascend including that date is helpful when we look at the testing information.

To switch him to Timothy Balance Cubes from hay - the cubes are fed at a 3:4 ratio to hay so he doesn't need as much of them as he does of hay.  If you want to switch over all of his diet to cubes I would do it over a few days but if you're using them just as a carrier you can replace whatever grain you're using now with them. 

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