Re: Laminitis, ppid and ir


Hi Dr. Kellon,

I received a voice message from the vet that she’s willing to try him on the Metformin! I was like totally shocked.  I just wasn’t expecting it.  Granted I don’t think that she’s totally comfortable with the idea - but she is willing to prescribe it - which is great!  

And she also talked about the Iron test results.  We sent it away using that form that was listed and you’ll probably be getting some info on it also. She said that they were slightly elevated-

    Serum Iron 265 (normal 91 to 240)
    Tibc            563  (normal 270 to 500)
    Ferritin        375  (normal 85 to 726)

Do you think that these numbers are high enough to have a blood draw?  And do you think that it help with his other numbers?  

Mary E in Wi 2021

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