Compounded Pergolide capsules cost / Vet vs Wedgewood vs Avrio

Susan Vaughan

Hi all:
My horse just tested positive PPID with the TRH Stim test.
Our vet reluctantly agreed to Rx compounded Pergolide caps.
I asked for this to slowly increase the dose .25 mgs at a time.
I started Remy on APF Pro a few days ago.
He got his first .25 mg dose last night.  
Vet sent Rx to Wedgewood per my suggestion..
100 of .25 mg caps.
Vet dealt directly with WW .
WW would not tell me cost.
Vet pharm told me cost was $245 inc approx $25 for shipping. I paid the vet directly after meds shipped.
then I got the cost 
So $220 for 100 capsules?
I called Avrio today to get their price.
$66 for 90 of .25 mg caps.
What's going on here?
Two dollars vs 75 cents per capsule?
I will do a CH soon.
Remy has the symptoms. 
Past year LF abscessing, hoof surgery, absccessing again, coffin bone loss, rotation.  
LH suspensory branch tears. 
Skin issues and allergies.  
ACTH Cornell baseline.  (9-35)
Feb 2019 was 8.28...(no symptoms but "footy" on rocks)
July 2021 was 19.3
April 2022 TRH:
Pre:.  15.2.  (2-30)
Post:. 179 (2-110).  (Late afternoon blood draw).

It was only this and previous winter I noticed his hair longer than usual.   Shed out but not slick.

Susan Vaughan 
Houston Texas
Remy - 22 year old Arabian gelding
ECIR member since 2004.   
Two previous PPID Arabians
Halima Two (1976 - 2004)
Rab (1986 - 2017)

Thanks again Dr Kellon and all - helping us help our horses.   

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