Re: Compounded Pergolide capsules cost / Vet vs Wedgewood vs Avrio


Hi Susan.

One of the hard-working mods will respond soon but I just wanted to say hello and assure you that you will get excellent information here. 

I rarely post but I have a 25 yr old Arab gelding, IR & PPID, with whom I had lots of struggles in the early days and the advice/support from this group really helped keep me from letting despair and frustration cloud my judgement. I've been through several vets since Khari's diagnosis in 2016 but have one now that happily prescribes the compounded Pergolide for me. It is hard to understand the resistance among vets to CP, but it seems to be the norm here. Aside from the slow shedding issue, Khari is in good shape; I still ride him and his ACTH has remained in the normal range for the past two years. My previous vet had him on 3 tabs of Prascend and his numbers were still high. I don't know why the 2 mg Pergolide dose works but I'm happy it does. Good luck with your guy.

I order 100 caps, 2 mg each, every 3 months from Precision Rx Pharmacy in CA and it costs $125, including shipping.
Jill, Khari & Jetty in Idaho


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