Re: Compounded Pergolide capsules cost / Vet vs Wedgewood vs Avrio


ACK!   I'm trying not to disparage your vets (except in my head), but I just received my Wedgewood order: Pergolide granules 1 mg/5 cc's, 100 doses for $90.25.  Your 0.25 mg dose, even in capsules, should have been less, probably in line with the Avrio quote.  Granted, my wonderful vet faxes a script (and even searches for the cheapest pharmacy for me!), but I also have "autofill," so I don't pay shipping, and am tax exempt as my farm is a business.   

Last month, my 90 1mg capsules from Wedgewood were $115 for Horse # 2. (Horse #3 is on don't want to know.)
Beth Benard
Rome. NY

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