Re: Laminitis, ppid and ir


Hi Eleanor,

I know that for people there’s the blood removal for higher iron levels.  And so I was kind of thinking that there was just a written up protocol out there for the horses too. It’s interesting getting more of a glimpse into how that happens.  

And the place that I board at - it’s just swimming with excess Iron. The bowls are rusty in the automatic waterers, the hay is higher in Iron and I’ve even seen that there are red salt blocks around.  I told them that this is bad for the horses general health and I’m currently working to try to get them to change some things around.  However I was also reading in the article that there’s other reasons for the Ferritin to come up as high such as illness, injury, and active Laminitis.  And he might have been in active laminitis when we took the blood sample.  Or maybe he has something else going on?  So maybe I’d have to test it again?  And I was also wondering if he’s got some kind of possible anemia going on - that might prevent blood from being removed.  

Still working on getting the CH sorted out and actually my computer and printer as well.  I think that they’re both possessed or something-uggh



Mary E in Wi 2021

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