Re: Compounded Pergolide capsules cost / Vet vs Wedgewood vs Avrio


As an alternative, buy CP in the target dose, say 1 mg. To taper up the dose at the beginning, use a dosing syringe that show ml marks. I use this one. Dissolve the contents of a 1 mg capsule in 4 ml water, shake really well to dissolve and then give 1 ml/day for 4 days to administer a 0.25 mg dose. Do similar math for the next 0.5 mg gram dose, except divide 4 ml in the syringe in half instead of quarters. Store the syringe tightly capped in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can taper using Prascend tablets and do the same math: divide in a known amount of water, dissolve really well, and then divide the liquid by quarters to administer 0.25 mg/day. That way you only need to buy CP in a single dosage and can skip the 0.25 mg CP.

Do shop around for CP.  I did recently get a medication compounded by Wedgewood through my vet with no prescription information on the container. I sympathize with owners and with vets. We are all being squeezed by price increases and unreliable supply.
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