Re: Questions about Bullitt's High Insulin

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Sarah,

Good to hear that Bullitt and Kate are doing well.

I hear your frustration. My mini Dinky also appears to be doing really well, his ACTH came in at 17.5pg/ml but his insulin is over 200uIU right now. Diet is tight.

If the Wedgewood pergolide is their Medimelts, there has been some concern regarding the potency stability of this form of the medication but it would show up as Bullitt's ACTH not being adequately controlled. There are no inert ingredients that would account for the high insulin reading, however. You could consider upping the pergolide dose a bit more to drop his ACTH into the teens to see if that will help.

Getting his BCS down a bit further to no more than 4.5 may be helpful as the minis appear to do better when they are kept on the lean side. He may also benefit from starting Metformin to get the insulin lowered as it is definitely above the levels that induce laminitis. Dosing is 30mg/kg, twice per day. More info here:

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