Re: ACTH Results seem too high - could the blood have been compromised?

Lisa Toms

Hi Maxine and Lavinia

Thank you.  Gosh, I have no idea - he didn't have a machine with him to spin it, which the other vets usually do for the Insulin testing.  He said he put it in his freezer at home due to the public holiday, so I am thinking not.  To be safe I will get the test done again, this time I will forward the ECIR instructions on how to work with an ACTH blood sample to vet before hand.  So, just so that I am prepared for the next blood results... if the 157 pg/ml is correct - does this mean she is now at late stage Cushings and I somehow missed the signs? 
--- Lisa & Bonnie
August 2012, Cape Town, South Africa 
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