locked Re: My vet let me go as a client



I'm very sorry to say that this situation isn't limited just to vets.

I had the same problem with a human doctor I saw once. By asking questions of her nurse I was considered "rude" and fired as well. It must be the go-to response if any effort will be involved.

Apparently there are those in the medical fields-animal or human-that can't accept owners or patients taking an active roll in their care. Just because they are a vet or doctor doesn't mean they know everything. And no one cares more about what's going on than the people and animals that it affects.

I've worked in an 8 vet mixed animal practice for over 20 years. Some of the vets are willing to follow the ECIR recommendations that I've shared and one I've never been able to convince to test for insulin and glucose in laminitis cases. in our case the younger vets who don't do equine work all the time are more open minded, compared to the older, large animal only vet. 

Hopefully you'll be able to find another vet more willing to work with you. Continue educating yourself and never stop being your horse's advocate.

Jennifer in Middle TN  2010
 Mill 32 yrs Arabian-PPID, IR & Pacemaker Dependent
Jack 22 yrs TN Walker- IR & RAO




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