headache coming.. lol

LJ Friedman

--I did the trh stim test and insulin today .   .. It vet pushed for the t4 and glucose for an extra $90.00, so I agreed.. ( t4 can give her added info ie how ppid is being controlled, she said) .  she mentioned if things show..that a bump is needed .. she wants to change to prascend bec she knows that compounded pergolide  is worthless.. hence the headache..   I need to tread iightly bec she is friends with the barn owner and we all know how that can go.(barn owner very nice,, and bright too ) . hence the headcache.. . send over the aspirin.. lol a little... I will send results and ask for suggestions on cp bump etc..  ( I wont be asking for rebate.. etc.. testing was 500 plus 95 call fee)
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