locked Re: My vet let me go as a client

Frances C

Dang! been a bad week or so in these messages, I'd like to add we can blame a lot of it on Covid. Urban/suburban horse people moving to rural. Vets are overwhelmed as it is not so easy for them to move. Small animal vets now charging city rates in rural areas, rural folks outraged. So what is going on with the poor people who are trying to raise cattle? Or for that matter human moms looking for formula? Female vets have a high rate of suicide so please be kind to them, treasure them and get them excited to be on your side. If they say "I dont know" that is actually a good response. Or thinking outside the box, taking a chance like "this will either be a cure or a kill" , going off label. They have high insurance rates and rascals are always looking for ways to sue them. Lawyers are part of the blame. But wait, there is more bad news - 2022 hay prices. Hah! now I feel better.
- Frances C.
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