Re: Laminitis Spike

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Hi Robin,

I see our wonderful team has been all over helping you already! Nothing much to add. Salt for your mini would be 1 tablespoon and it's best to sprinkle it on the soaked hay if he doesn't eat it willingly. I agree with all the suggested changes, and the trim especially might give him considerable immediate relief. No reason to go slow with those changes, as Lavinia said. I would also get him on LaminOX ASAP, 1/2 scoop twice a day for two weeks then once a day. If he has abscess collections, this will make them drain. You can use it with Phyto-Quench pellets, which contain Devil's Claw, 1/4 scoop twice a day for two weeks. Use coupon code UHNWELCOME for 10% off. It's very important to get your hay completely analyzed, including for minerals. Use beet pulp as the carrier for supplements because it is by far the safest and also will provide extra calcium, which most of your local hays need.With insulin that high, it's likely he will need medication at some point. We start with metformin (and pergolide dose adjustments) but there are further options too.
Eleanor in PA 
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