Re: Latest x-rays and episode - Zahr the enigma

Mikaela Tapuska

Heard from the vet tonight (well, I missed her call so listened to her message) and as it turns out, Mr. Zahr is indeed insulin resistant based on his blood test from April 25. Maybe he isn't such an enigma anymore; perhaps we actually have an answer that could explain why he has continued to have laminitic flare-ups even after I thought we had "everything" under control.

I don't have a copy of the lab results yet, but I plan to get that on Monday and will get Zahr's case history file updated. Anyways, I wanted to at least post a quick update to the group since you guys have helped us out with so much already. Once all the documents are uploaded I'll make a new post including more of the details.

In other happier news, Zahr is totally off the previcox now and on 2400 mg of PEA-um twice a day, along with devil's claw, and so far seems to be doing pretty good with it. Yesterday was his last day at a loading dose of 25g twice daily, he is now on to a single dose of 25g DC in the morning only. 
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