Re: Mare diagnosed with EMS/IR

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Thank you Sherry for your prompt response. So appreciated. 

In answer to your questions: yes her diet is of soaked orchard hay at 15 lbs divided up throughout the day and fed in hay nets. She gets 1/4 lb triple crown lite ( I saw where it is not a recommended product but was the only thing I could find) as carrier for her DAC E & Se supplement, equinity (amino acids) and previcox 1/4 tab nightly. I have order Stabil 1 to replace TC lite. I have sourced Teff grass hay as well as Triple Crown Balance Timothy cubes. 

Trim was done April 22, day after X-rays so farrier had them to view. We had to skip Jamie’s March scheduled 6 wk trim due to the severity of the laminitis. She is scheduled for May 20 th for next trim. Otherwise she has been on a 6 wk schedule all her life, 6 month dental care, worming every 6 weeks ( at trim dates) seasonal vaccinations, chiropractic care. 

I am glad to hear I can discontinue prascend. She’s only had two doses at 1 mg per dose. 

Yes I discontinued NSAID and started the previcox per Dr recommendation. I also started her on Devils Claw two days ago.
Today she was off her feed and so tight in the flank I did give 500# dose banemine to prevent colic episode. She did start eating later in the day. 

when I did my CH I could did copy my URL
Just do not know where I am to paste? I have done my CH as of tonight with foot photos (could only get lateral and dorsal photos of rt front due to her discomfort of picking up foot and weight baring on hind, X-rays, body composition, Dr notes, lab work and hay tests for hay I have access to if meets the WSC and Starch. 

As far as exercise I had only walked her two alternating days because she was at her best to see if I could put her in her turn out of which I did. We then had a relapse so she has been stall bound again.  

I hope I covered enough to get my girl out of pain and on the right track. Lord knows I have been trying. And I am so thankful to have been introduced to this site. Wish i had a month ago. We’d be much further along. 
Lisa M Lavoie
Anderson CA
May 2022

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