Re: Mare diagnosed with EMS/IR

Lisa <lavoiestuff@...>


This is all so helpful as well as confusing, conflicting and frustrating. 

Doing what is recommended by my vet and still not appropriate for my girls situation. 

I have discontinued any and all NSAIDS Pergolide devils claw and have just sourced Triple Crown Balance Timothy Cubes to start her on until I can test my hay or source tested hay. 

my question now is introducing her to the cubes. I need to transition from my soaked hay to them? I do not need anything else to tip her over further. 

And with these cubes do I need to add iodized salt, Vit E Magnesium and flax seed? 

I do have Stabil 1 being delivered today as carrier 

I so appreciate all the help. I am feeling im
in an emergency status with her as the past two days she lays down early and poops laying down through the night. 

slow to get up but does have an appetite. 

She’s just so uncomfortable 💔
Lisa M Lavoie
Anderson CA
May 2022

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