Question - laminitis or too much trim?


My horse has sore feet immediately following a trim a week ago.  I am trying to figure out if it is laminitis or the trim. My horse had laminitis 21 months ago. She has been on the suggested diet for 19 months.  Tested hay, appropriate amount in weight, slow feed nets, 3x per day, amino trace plus, white salt. She is also fed Assure Guard Gold since 3 colic episodes in October 2021 and a small amount of flax and the j-herb.  She has lost 200 lbs, is at a perfect weight and is fit.  Since her laminitis episode in August 2020, her feet have steadily improved.  Up until this week, she could be ridden in the sand arena barefoot and down the rocky road, barefoot. Her paddock at this barn is small. She is ridden 4 times per week when the weather is good. This is Pacific Northwest - green grass and rainy days, mild weather.  When I am at the barn 2-3 times per week, I allow her to graze without a  muzzle for 15 mins.  The barn owner has been putting all horses out since Feb gradually increasing from 10 mins to 45. My horse wears a greenguard muzzle during that time. Her x-rays in the case study are from October 2020. When she had laminitis almost two years ago she was very overweight, fed too much non-tested hay, and left on grass without a muzzle for 6 hours. She had also just had her shoes removed two months prior. There was no rotation. X-rays and insulin test results are in my case study. This time she walks ok on her own in the sand arena and shows no soreness in her paddock or the barn. She is sore walking over the rocky road and two days after the trim, was sore being ridden in the arena.  But no where near as sore as the she was during the laminitis episode two years ago which showed no rotation. There are no bounding pulses. No heat in the feet. My coach thinks she is more sore on the right front than the left. I allow the grazing for companionship and because of her small paddock - to add movement to her day. There really aren't many barns in this area with dry lots large enough to support exercise. My farrier is skilled and was highly recommended to me by someone I respect. Her reputation is great.  She follows the TACT approach. My mare's feet have steadily improved in her care. The last two times my mare was sore though was when the farrier said she removed a bunch of shedding frog material. She also scrapes off old sole. But the last two times my mare was sore were also in late August and now in May (spring and fall). I'm going to get a new set of x-rays this week, have been meaning to anyway. I am trying to decide - is it the grass? Or is it the trim? Thanks for your thoughts.
August 2020
Metro Vancouver BC Canada

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