Update on Cayuse


CH is current. New Cornell labs explain a lot about Cayuse's active laminitis: insulin through the roof. Current plan:
1. doing what we can to remove the triggers (increase pergolide, resume Invokana) to try to get control of insulin.
2. try to take the breakover back on all 4 hooves and leave other trim issues until Tuesday.
3. take new lateral Xrays on Tuesday to see the current state of the feet.
5. boots and pads on all 4 hooves along with standing wraps anytime she can manage for me to put them on. They really helping swelling.
6. Sore no more on the swollen hocks and lots of massage, grooming and sponging, which she loves.

If I'm overlooking anything, please let me know. Appreciate everyone's concern and input.
Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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