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Maxine McArthur

Griffin, I am exactly the same. It's very stressful even missing an evening's check-up of my horses. What I have found helpful is to kind of triage what needs to be done with them, so that the carers don't feel overwhelmed. Number one in my case is the pergolide and any other meds. I write very detailed instructions and if possible do the medication once or twice with the caretaker so there's no issues. Other things that might be up the top of my list are: checking eyes; a quick look to see there are no really sloppy poops and/or soiled tails; general demeanor (also something I write in detail for each horse and go through in person). Lower on my list are: check water levels in buckets (we also have an automatic trough); pick out feet every second or third day, spray; pick up poops in yard (this is hard for me to slide down the list but I have to tell myself they are NOT going to die if they stand in poop for one day); clean out hay feeders every second day before tying in nets; when picking out feet, run hands over legs and body to check for lumps, swellings, heat, cuts. 
Obviously, your situation is different, so your triage elements will differ too.

I have to tell myself that it doesn't matter if the carer ties the haynets differently, or mixes their feeds less/more, or arrives half an hour after I usually arrive, or puts the wheelbarrow away in the wrong place. When we have "difficult" horses, we like to do things exactly right because that way we know we're doing our best for them. It's really hard to be away and think of all the things that are being done "not right", so I've found that if I specify a couple of things that are essential, I can rest a bit easier knowing at least they are done. And I always check in with the carers to make sure they aren't hitting any bumps and discuss with them if they are struggling to do anything as often a small change might be possible that makes it easier. 

Hope this might help you.
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