Re: Acupuncture and ATCH and IR

billie hinton

I missed that post so thank you for filling me in! I would give it a try. I have seen acupuncture settle down my very active/high energy dog who was otherwise going to have to be medicated due to a hip injury, and the effects lasted for weeks between acupuncture treatments. Did the acupuncture help the hip injury, his over-excitability, or both? I do not know, by everything was better with the acupuncture.

Keil Bay had acupuncture 2x/week and then weekly during the worst of the EPM when he was on Marquis + an entire protocol of supplements. He had tested into PPID range the same time he tested positive and was symptomatic for EPM, but I didn’t start Prascend until he was done with the worst of the die-off as I felt like his system had enough to deal with w/o also going onto a medication known to have some side effects. I can’t say the acupuncture made the difference in his ACTH level, but the overall issues he was experiencing were measurably better after each acupuncture session. He goes into a relaxed trance when he gets it now and his weakness behind is noticeably less when he gets it monthly. His ACTH level has remained in the upper teens - 20 for two years now on 1 tablet of Prascend. I test every third month when he gets his other blood panel done. Again, I have no way of knowing if the acupuncture is acting on PPID or not, but I am certain it is doing something that is helping him overall.

Thankfully my horse vet also does dogs and cats, so when she comes each month for Keil Bay, I can plug in whoever else needs it.

Billie in NC

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