Re: Question - laminitis or too much trim?


Thanks for your thoughts! Yes she has always been fed in small hole hay nets - as long as I have had her which is 3 years. She is actually a much calmer eater than she used to be now that she gets enough tested hay weighed to an appropriate amount each day. Her weight management before I bought her was lots of exercise as a trail horse and very light feeding of non-tested hay, so for a while she still worried a lot about starving.  She was still overweight during the first test (about 1.5 years ago), had only been on tested hay for two weeks. I am looking forward to seeing what the result is now that she is down 200 lbs and fit. I am having her put out in the arena for turnout now. I think she would be frustrated to be out in a pasture and spend her time there being unable to eat. I know she would keep trying to get grass. She might get the muzzle off which would be a disaster.  
August 2020
Metro Vancouver BC Canada

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