Hoof photo Problems


Followed ECIR instructions. Used digital camera . Biggest problem:  dorsal views seems to distort true shape of hooves i.e. look very flared out on photos, much more than in real life (especially RFH).  Tried using cell phone camera but looked same.   Other issues:  1.  Sole view:  taken after cleaning surface with brush but small amount of remaining hoof powder seemed to affect quality.  2. Sole Plane 1 view:  seemed to be too much detail, (like under a microscope) probably too close or maybe camera setting issue.  

Do you want to see current photos or just retake?  Don't want to waste moderators time looking at something that's not helpful.
Karen B.
Apollo Case History: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Karen%20and%20Apollo

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