Re: 31 yr old mare newly diagnosed PPID/IR


Oh so many questions!!!
I will try very hard to answer them all. 
*I have not started her on any meds. My husband’s mother had been very sick this month & died this past Saturday. So I haven’t made time to get things going. 
*Yes. She is right at 14.2. 
*Yes. She was on Previcox from right after Christmas until a couple weeks ago. I took her off when I knew we were going to do another blood test. And haven’t started it back. 
*I am not weighing her hay daily but I will start. She doesn’t eat much. More like 2-4 lbs each nite. 
*Hay is not being soaked.
The Bermuda (4.6%esc+starch) 
                   (Fe 137ppm) & 
Bahai (4.9%esc+starch)
            (Fe 100ppm)
have been tested & are both acceptable. I have not tested her Timothy hay. It is the Standlee compressed bales. 
*I need to balance again but I am going by previous tests that were actually higher than my current tests. I also balance to the grasses she eats, especially in the summer. I tested her pastures a few years ago. 
*She eats between 1-2lbs beet pulp/day - when she wants to eat it!  It is R/S/R - and rinsed again until the water is clear. 
*I am feeding her at least 4 lbs Standlee Timothy pellets. I’ve been cutting back on the  TC Senior to just 2 cups sprinkled on top of her supplements. She also gets at least 4 lbs TC Timothy Balance Cubes. 
It will be very hard to stop her Timothy pellets as she quids most all hay except alfalfa. But I am not feeding alfalfa. 
*X-rays-She has had her ski-tips forever. Like since her first X-rays were done almost 20 years ago!  Her toes have been brought back and her heels have been lowered a bit since those X-rays were taken. I am her farrier. She had her clogs on at that time & I was leaving them on a bit longer than usual because she was so comfortable in them. 
*I will go with Dr Kellons advice & start her on Pergolide & take her off grass before I start the Metformin. I sent her an email about the study. 

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