Re: Attn Lavinia - Hoof markups request please

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Joy,

Glad to hear that Willie is doing better.

Thanks for adding the 2015 rads - it's helpful to see what the bony column situation is there. Good that you have rasping the toes back as that really needed to happen. Can you please get a photo of his entire body from the side so I can see how he's standing overall?

I can get something out for you in time for the Thur (May 19) trim.

Given that this is the time of the year when ACTH is at its lowest, a result of 26pg/ml is OK but we recommend getting (and keeping) it in the upper teens to low twenties to have really good control. As Willie is a QH, it's likely the ACTH is playing a part in keeping his insulin up higher than it should be. It looks like you are using compounded liquid pergolide. We don't recommend that as it can lose potency from the time you start that bottle to the time you finish it up. Pergolide in capsule from maintains its potency much better.

An insulin of 26uIu on soaked, low ESC+starch hay and no grass is not great, although it is below the threshold for acute laminitis. It's a huge improvement over his having been diabetic at this time last year tho. The emergency diet, which is basically what he's still on, is not meant to be used long term as the likelihood that it's sufficiently mineral balanced is almost nil. He really needs to have the minerals balanced to the hay analysis so that all the excesses and deficiencies can be addressed.

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