Re: Unexpected very high insulin on low carb feeds—Dr. Kellon

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Regarding the sweet lupin in Hygain Zero, see table 1 on page 2 here: . "Carbohydrate" is starch and the inulin is a fructan so NSC 15%, ESC+starch 10%.  Did you have it analyzxed? They don't guarantee any levels, just say it's low."Roughage products" could be anything from alfalfa to corn cobs. It has about 2% rice bran oil, minimum. The information on Chewy doesn't list Canola meal.

Yes, Ally is very sensitive but WSC cannot affect her insulin beyond sugar component. Fructan is not a dietary carb any more than wood is.

The numbers for the latest batch of the cubes is ESC 5.5 and starch 0.4 [WSC 7.6 just FYI] from the raw materials. You could soak your cubes inside a lingerie bag then submit a dried sample for minerals also to see what you need to supplement.

IR does become more difficult to control as they get older and you could have a component of that here. You could try metformin 30 mg/kg twice daily.
Eleanor in PA 
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