Re: 31 yr old mare newly diagnosed PPID/IR

Sherry Morse

Hi Mary,

I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL.  As you haven't started Vandy on meds you may want to start her on APF and then titrate her up to 1mg of Prascend as outlined in your welcome letter, but you do want to get her started on that ASAP.  When you have a chance you'll want to update the CH to show she's 14.2 and that the previcox was stopped as well as adding in her dose of Prascend and what the start date for that is.  

Once you are weighing her hay please update that information in the CH as well and include a date.  Was the hay tested via NIR or Wet Chem?  Do you have the actual test results? 

As she has elevated insulin she should not be on pasture at all unless you are able to turn her out in a closed muzzle.  It is very important with an IR horse that they eat a very controlled diet which means you need to know exactly how much she's eating of each product per day.  We ask all these questions because this is where we identify where the diet can be tightened up.  

If she's quiding hay and her teeth have been checked and are in decent shape you can replace her hay ration with the timothy balance cubes.  Those are fed at a 3:4 ratio to hay so if she is eating 2lbs of beet pulp a day and should be eating 17.2lbs of hay you would feed her 12.9 lbs of cubes per day - no more timothy pellets (which may or may not be under the 10% ESC+Strach numbers we look for) and no more TC Senior (which is definitely NOT under the 10% limit).  You would then only need to add salt, vitamin E and flax in as the cubes are balanced to themselves.  Those can be added to the beet pulp so again, no other concentrate needed.

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