Re: Unexpected very high insulin on low carb feeds—Dr. Kellon

Mary T

Also, just thought of this—in my broken laptop are years of labs.  I’ve tested multiple times yearly or if concerned.  Ally’s insulin levels consistently support my cautious approach to feeding & carbs.  Her insulin will pop up into the low 20’s if we are not extremely vigilant & cautious.  I wish I had access to those labs.  I’ve kept in touch with Ally’s breeder.  She is very well respected horsewomen in the Polish Arabian world & a vet tech.  She told me Ally & her dam are the most sensitive horses she’s ever met.  Mainly, that’s great & lots of fun.  But there is always a flip side to everything.  
With this insulin level of 114, she is also guzzling water as of this AM, so with the digital pulses, I don’t think a fluke or lab error.
Mara & Ally
2006 PNW

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