Re: 31 yr old mare newly diagnosed PPID/IR


Hi Sherry


*Prascend & APF have been ordered & should be here by the weekend. 

*I will update the CH accordingly. 

*I have always used EquiAnalytical Test 603. I will add those results as soon as I can. 

*She has a wonderful equine dentist at LSU Vet School who has helped me keep her teeth in great shape for her age. She always has hay available to her 24/7. She “plays” with it. It’s really difficult to tell how much of it she actually eats. 

*I have also always fed California Trace Plus not only to balance the Cu & Zn to Fe in her hay & pasture but for the extra amino acids, iodine, & yeast for digestion. You are telling me that is no longer necessary??  If so, should I add iodized salt instead of plain white?  And extra methionine & lysine also?

Mary & Vandy

May 2022,  Holden, Louisiana
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