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Hi Sherry, we are waiting on bloodwork so will not change anything until we have it. He did have hay before blood was pulled but not for four hours worth.  He had hay for about 1 1/2 before the vet arrived.   Will stop EQuioxx.  We use NIR testing I think.  We core drill dry samples and send to Equi-Analytical.  Yes, we rinse, soak, rinse beet pulp.  He should weigh around 900-950.  His hay is weighed and he gets 15-17 lbs a day.  He is a bit thin but has had fatty pockets over the last few years that seem to stay.  He weighs around 950 with a weight tape.  I spent the last several hours finishing my CH and when I went to upload it, it disappeared.  I cannot find it.  It only will open with a new form.  Do you know how I can recover it?  I still need to upload xrays from last week and can take pictures of the Hinds as we have both fronts padded and wrapped at the moment.  
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