Re: Balancing TC Naturals Timothy Hay Balancer Cubes - Vermont Blend?

Aurelio Henriques

    The cubes are already minerally balanced. If feeding just these cubes, you would not need to add anything else to what you are already adding.
    Also, the cubes are guaranteed to be max. 10% ESC and starch combined and they are usually less.

Goderich Ontario Canada
Aurelio Henriques
Ontario Dehy Inc.
On 05/18/2022 12:58 PM, Robin wrote:

I have switch over to TC Naturals Timothy Hay Balancer Cubes for his emergency diet. He loves them! I hope that's not a bad thing - the tests on this sit appear to show it tests well below 10 ESC + Starch.

I want to balance his diet. He's currently getting the hay cubes + salt + vitamin E + flax seed + Laminox.

Would adding Vermont Blend be a good choice to balance minerals and make this a complete balanced diet?

Aiken, SC 2022

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