Re: Desperately Seeking Timothy Balance Cubes: Update and Thanks

Aurelio Henriques

    The situation in Alberta has to do with the size of the market for this cube there coupled with the fact that most dealers there get their regular cubes from the Alberta cubing plants, not ours (closer).
    This all makes the dealers very unwilling to carry the product.

Goderich Ontario Canada

Aurelio Henriques
Ontario Dehy Inc.
On 05/18/2022 1:50 PM, Kandace Krause wrote:

I, also am desperately seeking them.  My contact to Aurelio did not net any results closer than a 9 hour trip away. 
I am totally baffled why USA clients can easily obtain this Canadian Product, while we in Canada cannot.

Kandace K
Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2020

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