Re: Giving Invokana


Soaked Timothy (hay analysis is in my photo album). She gets 3 flakes a day in a hay net (not sure on lbs). She also gets 1.5 cups (before soaking) of the Ontario dehydrated timothy balance cubes with flax, J-herb, and MadBarn Aminotrace. She doesn't really like this though (she has never been a fan of beetpulp or hay cubes), so sometimes she eats it, and sometimes she doesn't, or she'll just eat some of it.

She's a really good weight (with ribs slightly visible and the fat pads on her rump are gone, and the ones on her shoulders are getting smaller. I think her crest is maybe even starting to get a bit smaller too). 

I doubt she'll eat L-carnitine. She's a picky eater and its hard to get her to eat anything consistently (unless it's really high in starch/ sugar). 
Helene A. in BC 2021
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