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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Joy,

I've added mark-ups to Willie's album:

The toes on all his feet are way too far forward and the heels are seriously underrun - hinds much worse than the fronts. Good that you've been moving them back - just need a lot more of that, esp. at ground level. The idea is to get the breakover back into alignment with where the bony column needs it to be and to get the entire hoof capsule back under the leg. Frogs are atrophied and elongated and the bars look to be flaking off, as they also appear to be overgrown. There is some wall flaring - lateral on both hinds and medial on the LF. Due to the calcification (fusing) of the pastern bones on the RF you don't want to change the palmer angle when trimming as there is no changing the orientation of that bony column. But you can certainly move the breakover into the correct position to help that foot move more efficiently.

It looks like there is a fair amount of overall excess vertical height available to work with, as it doesn't appear that much has changed since the 2015 rads were done. Measure both collateral groove depths in each foot after cleaning them out all the way to the bottom. At their deepest point, you want both to be 1". Up toward the tip of the frog, you want 3/4". Anything more than that indicates excess vertical height that can be removed.

LF dorsal: Green line follows the angle of the hoof all the way to the ground. Blue area is where the flaring needs to be removed on the medial side.

LF lateral: Green line shows where the dorsal wall would be if the toe wasn't so far out ahead of where it needs to be and the heels weren't so underrun. It's NOT a trim line, just a visual. Orange shows where the heels should line up. Blue area is where to back the toe a lot - thru what appears to be the white line at ground level -  and to lower the entire foot from front to back. This will also start to move the heels back under the leg.

LF sole plane: Blue line shows where to lower the entire foot to.

LF sole: Solid blue line at the toe is where to back it up to, with the blue hashed area all the excess horizontal toe length. Blue hashes along the entire perimeter indicate to lower the entire foot. Lime hashes run along the bars, which also need to be lowered. Frogs need to get into ground contact, so no trimming of them unless they are peeling off - then just remove the peeling parts but don't cut more to make it "nice and shiny" - the waxy frog should not be exposed.

RF lateral radiograph: I marked this up to show what should have happened at that time. It clearly shows there is a lot of excess vertical height - and the current foot doesn't appear to be much different. Green line shows where the dorsal wall should be. Pink line follows the bony column alignment to the ground, where the breakover should be - there should be no foot at ground level beyond this point. Orange line is where the heels should be. Blue lines show where the toe should have been taken back and where the entire hoof capsule should have been lowered to. Blue X is the excess toe length and the blue hashes are all the extra vertical length.

RF lateral: Same idea as the rad: Green and orange lines are the same as on the rad and are only visual markers for where those structure should be. Blue area corresponds to the blue X on the rad and the blue area along the bottom of the foot.

RF sole: Again, blue is the excess foot across the entire bottom of the foot. Lime runs along the overgrown bars that can use some cleaning up.

LH dorsal: blue area is the lateral flare that needs to be removed

LH lateral: Same idea as the fronts but the heels are more crushed under.

LH sole: Follow the discussion for the fronts.

RH dorsal: Same as the LH, with the lateral flare. There is also a high spot at about 2 o'clock, where the growth rings consistently bulge upward. That should level off when you lower the entire foot.

RH lateral: Same as the LH.

RH sole: Same general idea as the LH. You can clearly see the high, crumbling bars, heavily flaking sole and even the tip of the frog looks ready to shed off.

Once the trim gets squared away, he should be a lot more comfortable. If he needs padded boots, make sure that there are aggressive bevels/rockers added to the treads at the toes and across the backs of the heels. Something like the Easyboot clouds might be helpful as the pads will squish down and conform to the nooks and crannies along the bottom of each foot.

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