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Hi Mara,
This is a bit difficult to follow without the case history to review.  I’d be happy to try to help you get started on a new one if you like.  As others have said, start with Ally’s situation at present.  If concerns arise about her past, we will ask and you can add those details as needed.

You have Ally on cabergoline.  She’s been on the same dose for a number of years.  Have you considered increasing her dose?  PPID is a progressive disease and it’s expected that she would need an increased dose with age.  You mentioned increased pee, which as Dr. Kellon says is a sign of uncontrolled PPID.  I had my horse on cabergoline for awhile, before I lost him to a colic.  I increased to higher doses than were first recommended in order to control his symptoms.  When I reached that point, he looked incredible for a 31 year old horse.  Those larger pee spots are one thing you can monitor but you may notice other symptoms of advancing PPID as well to pay attention to.
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