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Hi, Susan.
We can and do combine Devil's Claw with Jiaogulan. It is not necessary to feed them at the same time. The issue a bit more subtle: whether Devil's Claw can interfere with the action of Jiaogulan. Please see this message from Dr Kellon, explaining that they can be used together when transitioning (off NSAIDs during the taper) and for acute pain. In combination, you need to make sure the Jiaogulan dose is sufficient. 
The combination is also used in controlling pain in equines with DSLD: 

The reason for giving Jiaogulan 20 minutes before feed to for better absorption. If you need to know if it's working, look for pinker tongue and gums within an hour or so. If you can't tell or don't know, start over and introduce it after a day off. If the gums aren't pinker, increase the dose by ¼ or ½ teaspoon until you can see they are pinker. If Sunny has pink skin, IME it will be a lot easier to see if his gums are pinker than if he has black skin and gray gums. 

 I suggest that since Jiaogulan should be given 20 minutes before a meal that you feed it with a very small amount of a carrier, some moisture to help it stick and nothing else. I use about ¼ cup Stabul1. For years I added a drop of water to make the jiaogulan stick to the pellets. Recently I've used a drop of oil for the same purpose. 

Any horse in pain can be picky about supplements. I'm going through the same thing right now. Often it's the salt. An easy solution is to feed salt on hay that's been hosed. Sometimes you have to start over with supplements, introducing them one at a time to find the problem ingredient. You can divide supplements into two feedings, one AM, one PM, until your horse gets used to them. Also since you're syringing Metformin, check Sunny's mouth and lips for signs of ulcers or swelling.

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