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Sorry, LJ, I didn’t see your earlier post.
If you’re hoping for comments on Majestic’s bloodwork results, based on Dr. Kellon’s study, I would suggest taking a deep breath.  First you have to line up all your participants and then you need to wait for all their data to come in before you can begin your analysis.  You may well be the first data point in the study.  I really have no idea but I wouldn’t wait for the project to be completed before deciding on my next move.

As you know, the study is being done because we don’t really know what to expect from a TRH stim test once the horse is on pergolide.  It appears that you haven’t increased his pergolide since starting him on it 3.5 years ago.  If he were mine, I think I would increase the pergolide a bit, wait three weeks and then test both insulin and ACTH (TRH stim) again.  If that pergolide increase lowers his insulin, I would consider it a win.  It’s not that high but that might be an effective way to determine if his pergolide is adequate.

Curious to hear other suggestions as well.

Oh, it would be very helpful if your recent bloodwork was in your case history.  Thanks!

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