Re: Attn Lavinia - Hoof markups request please

Joy V

Well, she was really nice about agreeing to look at the markups and the written information for each that Lavinia provided, but she read about one paragraph and looked at 3 pictures total.  She brought the toes back much further this time, she took out a bunch of sole which will make him sore for awhile, she rasped the hoof wall when she did the LF (?!) and then started cutting on the frog on his RF and that's when I strenuously objected. 

She seems to be more like a farrier than a bare foot trimmer, if that makes any sense.  This weekend I'll compare the markups to his feet, see how far off the trim still is and try to fix whatever I can.  She said she understood what needed to be done but she clearly did not.

I need to find someone else and then I'll fire this one.  I feel badly for my horse.  But he has on boots and pads on all 4 (foam for now Lavinia, but I've ordered the cloud pads like you recommended) and he has 2 spots in his paddock that are deeply bedded so he can stand in those if he's uncomfortable and I've got game cameras on him, so I can check and see how much he's using bedding piles.

Lavinia, thank you again for your time and expertise.  I'm so disappointed that she could not be bothered to actually look at what you provided.  It's frustrating.


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