Summer, Estrus Colic's and Ovarianectomy on PPID/IR horse

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

thought I would make a post about Summer and my journey since last April and her hospitalization for peritonitis and her continued issues with estrus related colic.

April 2021, presented as colic, but because of past history and the schedule I track for heat cycles, I suspected this was an episode coming put of dormancy. She was on 5mg estradiol.  Colic did not resolve even though she was passing manure, she spiked a fever on banamine and was hospitalized for peritonitis for 7 days.

Throughout 2021 she had break through heat cycles where she was behavioral so we decided to stop estradiol and put Summer back on regumate. Summer did well from October through February.

Fast forward to Feb 2022, she had another colic episode. Based in symptoms we discussed the idea that thus was estrus related or ulcers. Or both.  I treated with a course of ulcerguard and contacted a local repro vet to track Summer's cycle for a month.

During the month of March, we did vaginal ultrasounds 1 week apart for a period of 25 days and confirmed she had multiple normal follicles on both ovaries, she had mild uterine edema, she had a small change on the left horn (I believe was deemed inconsequential). Confirmed at day 25 she did continue to have follicles but did not ovulate. She continued to remain on Regumate.

Two weeks ago she had a mild episode of gas colic which I thought could be estrus related. She was also slightly behavioral, what I am noticing is she becomes a little more herd bound and she starts to cross canter when her ovaries are bothering her. I also notice sensitivity over the kidneys and she becomes more body muscle hard. She has more tension patterns in her thoracic sling as well.

I treated this like it was a mild estrus colic and it resolved, however the behavioral  changes, cross canter etc continued.

Cycle day 25 was may 17, and that evening she seemed slightly less interested in things and may 18th she coliced. Very painful. We did rectal to rule out traditional colic and then did an ultrasound to determine if this was estrus related. Confirmed left ovary had formed normal CL. Right ovary and normal small follicles. So we feel this is an estrus related colic and are treating it with medication as such. Normally these episodes.last about 7 days.

Based in Summer's history I have opted to have her ovaries removed in the near future (June most likely) I don't want her to have another episode like this.

Is there anything I need to consider since she is PPID/IR for the best success for pre and post surgery?  Her acth is controlled and she falls compensated IR but she is leptin resistant. She has been on a little diet due to decreased work and body score of about 6. I plan on doing labs again before her surgery.

Labs for hormones have always come back in normal ranges. 

I need to update CH, but my laptop has been on the fritz so need to get that done asap.

Summer is in 2.4 mg compounded pergolide and 10ml Regumate.

Thanks in advance Nan
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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