Re: Jiaogulan and Devil's Claw for Sunny

Susan Carroll

Yes, I'm checking after syringing the metformin.  I follow it with the DC syringing.  I'm thinking that might work as a rinse.  Pink gums are certainly easier on a white leopard, except last night his nose was red from all the rubbing trying to graze thru his muzzle.  Should the pink be after administration, or stay that way?  He was pink on the muzzle and eyelids last night, but not at all this morning.  I'm up to 3/4 scoop 2x's day.  I'm guessing I'm needing the higher doses due to the DC?  Also, any recommendations on approved treats for the supplements?  He has quit eating the Stabul1.  He was eating his supplements until recently, now he won't touch anything they are on.  He isn't be deceived by light sprinkling.
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