Gas colics

Dancer's Mom

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted and updated things on Dancer.  Things are crazy…. But Dancer seems to slowly be getting better.  Thanks for your help and guidance. Dancer has had gas colic April 20 and just this past Sunday. The only thing I’ve changed, is that Dancer is on Lamin Ox and instead of LMF Low Carb Complete, I’ve replaced that with soaked pest pulp. Any thoughts on gas colic?  Maybe not, but I’m trying to figure out why, if I can. Vet things maybe heat cycle.  But it’s never happened with Dancer. 
also the last time Dancer’s hooves we’re x-rayed was 6 months ago.  Would it be helpful to get more x-rays, soon?  Would it show progress of laminae healing and to see if things are going the right direction?  I’ll also post newer blood work results, as soon as I can. Thanks again for all your help.  
Northern California 2021

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