Mouse's partial bloodwork


I am still unable to figure out how to upload my Case History without losing it.  If someone could help me that would be very much appreciated.  I sent an update case history file to Kirsten.  Mouse's insulin is thru the roof.  We are still waiting on Leptin and T4.  His Glucose is 109, Lipemia is 7, Hemolysis 4, and Icterus 1, Cobas 2.  His ACTH baseline is 4.24, Insulin Baseline is 169.57.  We are waiting on Leptin and T4.  He is in a stall, with hoof support, soaked hay (although it tested safe), flax, magnesium,vitamin E, Stabul 1, soaked/rinse/soaked non-molasses beet pulp, weighs 950 is 14.2, ribby but has fat pockets at shoulders and tail head. was trimmed last week, putting heartbars on today, lame only on RF with bounding pulse, LF has intermittent medial pulse.  I uploaded x-rays from 2017 and last week yesterday to the photo file under Mouse's name.  Not sure I was supposed to do that but wanted them somewhere in the data base.  I am sorry I am not doing any of this very well but having trouble navigating the system on my old desk top.  I truly appreciate the support I am getting from all of you.  Kimberly and Mouse 
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