Re: Mouse's partial bloodwork

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Kimberly, 

You're almost there!

To upload your Case History, go to the folder you made here:
Click on the blue "+New/Upload" button.  Choose "Upload File".  Then navigate to where the file is saved on your computer and select it.  I like to save things where I know I can easily find them, like on the desktop.  If you can change your Word file to a PDF that would be helpful, too, but since you're in a crisis just upload what you have for now.

I found your photo album, too.  It is here:

Can you add the links to your Case History Folder and your Photo Album to your auto-signature?  Here are instructions on how to do that:

1) Go to this link to amend your auto-signature:

2) Scroll down to the window with your name etc in it, and paste the URL links to your Case History Folder and Photo Album below your name.  NOTE: When you are adding a link to your Case History or photos, make sure you make it "live". Adding a space after your link, or hitting enter on your keyboard will turn it blue.

3) Make sure you still have checks in the 2 boxes saying "Use Signature for Web Posting" and "Use Signature for Email Posting”.

4) IMPORTANT: Scroll to the bottom and hit SAVE!

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Shaku's Case History
Shaku's Photo Album

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