Re: Mouse's partial bloodwork

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kimberly,

Here is the link to your photo Album:

Your ACTH is very good, so no need to change the pergolide dose. The insulin is way too high, which is not going to be helped by raising the pergolide dose. You need to get that insulin down so starting on Metformin, at least for the near future, would be recommended. Dosing is 30mg/kg, given twice daily. Here is a link to the file on Metformin:

The rads show that Mouse has thin soles, RF heels are too low, toes were somewhat further out ahead of where they should be but not drastically so. Shoes would NOT be advised with active laminitis as they are going to make it nearly impossible to tweak the trim as often as will be needed. They also suspend the horse from the very lamina that are already damaged by the laminitis. Boots and pads provide better support plus give you unlimited access to the feet for trimming and treatment.

Hang in there.

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