Flame’s diet


I started the L carnitine today. It’s pretty “fishy” smelling so I’m starting with small increments. 

Flame is currently eating 5# of my hay (analysis is in his case history folder) twice a day & 3 pounds of RSR beet pulp per Dr. Kellon because of his high triglycerides. My order of TC balanced Timothy cubes are finally in (it’s taken a month to get them). Should I incorporate them into his diet (he was getting 4# of my hay & 4# of cubes twice a day & 1.5 pounds of RSR beet pulp). I ordered 10 bags so they should last a while but I can’t be sure of when I can get them again due to the delay in shipping. It’s never been a problem before & hopefully resolves soon & the entire city has never been out before. Please advise on Flame’s diet & thanks!!
Beth & Flame dx 2013 & Diana dx 2020

NV Oct 2013

Flame Case History

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Diana Case History: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Beth%20and%20Diana  

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